The acquisition of technique is an enabling experience. The more skill a person has, the greater confidence and freedom of expression there is.
In this age of rapid change, traditional skills, knowledge and expertise in some fields are dwindling, aggravated by the lack of funding/support by public bodies. In this context it becomes all the more important that we retain as broad a range of courses as we can and that our courses sustain and develop a diverse range of ceramic techniques.
Specifically in the field of functional ceramics, La Meridiana offers two long-term courses that aim to build a strong foundation in the knowledge and practice of ceramics. They are scheduled annually and can be attended following an application process.


Every year from January to March.
Application opens each year May 1st – June 15th for the edition that starts in January of the following year and is by written proposal.


Every year from  mid-October to mid-December.
Application opens each year on December1st for the edition that starts in October of the following year and is by written proposal.